What is the best cryptocurrency trading platform?

What is the best cryptocurrency trading platform?

Today in the world, there are more than 300 sites for the exchange, purchase, and sale of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, there is no universal navigator for safe and trusted exchanges. But there are a few rules that can serve as a guide.

Important Criteria For Choosing a Cryptocurrency Platform

Cryptocurrency exchanges are special platforms that allow you to conduct operations with digital money. Coins can be purchased and sold for real money. At the sites, you can exchange one asset for another, while earning on the difference in the exchange rate. A large list of exchanges is available on the internet. In this article, we have listed several criteria for choosing a cryptocurrency platform.

Security System

The exchange must comply with the OWASP TOP 10 standard and use KYC procedures to validate its customers. OWASP Top 10 is the Open Web Application Security Project that displays a list of the 10 most important threats.


Any exchange should have a convenient way to deposit and withdraw funds. The exchange must support many currencies, and transactions must occur quickly. Crypto exchanges usually set limits on the amount to be withdrawn in order to avoid major thefts. Exchanges must also be adapted to various languages, have an intuitive interface and high computing power to handle large volumes of trade.


The most important factor is the location of the cryptocurrency exchange. If this is not a third world country, then clients can count on court assistance in the event of hacking of their accounts and loss of funds. You should choose exchanges that are registered in Europe, East Asia, or the United States.


The greater the daily trading turnover on the site, the more opportunities for making money for a trader. One of the current leaders is Hedgespots. In addition, the interface of the trading platform should correspond to individual preferences.

What is the best cryptocurrency trading platform


This criterion is especially important for traders who do not have significant capital. Using the borrowed funds of the broker, it is possible to increase the profit potential significantly. The average leverage range is 1: 2-1: 10, but there are exceptions. A newbie should understand that trading with leverage is associated with high trading risks, so it is important to evaluate the possibilities of a trading strategy soundly.

What Is The Best Trading Platform For Cryptocurrency

For any trader, the exchange is a tool. That is why you need to carefully choose your site, analyzing all the pros and cons. In this article, we will consider in detail the features of the Hedgespots exchange. Hedgespots exchange is one of the most popular crypto exchanges. It has an impressive trading volume and a pretty good reputation. In general, this platform definitely deserves the attention of traders.

The Main Advantages of The Hedgespots Platform

You should pay attention to this website because of the following benefits:

  • • A large number of available deposit and withdraw methods;
  • • A large selection of currency pairs;
  • • On-line support, which usually solves all problems quickly enough;
  • • High speed of execution of orders and transactions;
  • • Good reputation and a large community;
  • • API for creating trading robots and cross-platform trading.


Commissions are an important evaluation criterion for any exchange, so we should talk about them in more detail. At Hedgespots, the transaction fee is 0.2%. That is how much any exchange of one currency for another at the current rate will cost. That is, if a user buys 1000 BTC at the exchange rate of $ 10,000, then he will pay not 10,000,000 $, but 10,020,000 $. And so for each transaction of buying or selling coins.


Unlike many other resources, even a beginner can trade on Hedgespots since registration is open for everyone. To do this, you just need to enter an email in the appropriate field on the main page of the site.

Protection of Your Account

We recommend you immediately after the first login to your account do 2-factor authentication in order to protect your account as much as possible from hacking and loss of funds. To do this, go to the top menu of the cabinet, and select Google Authenticator.

For additional protection, you can enable access only from verified IP addresses. For this, go to the authorization and access, specify your IP address if you plan to log in only from your computer and one network.

Verification on the Hedgespots Exchange

To gain access to all the features of the exchange, be sure to go through verification. To pass verification on Hedgespots, you need to click on the account verification. You will be taken to a page where you will need to specify your identity and address.

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